By Fr. Terry Kerner

As mentioned last week, this Monday, April 16th MDOT and Wayne County begins the construction and repaving project on Rotunda Drive. The irony is not lost on us that the date will see our income taxes due also! Both can be a pain in the neck. Nevertheless the completed work on Rotunda will be appreciated for years to come. Donít let any construction dissuade you from attending Mass. I am sure the Lord will look kindly on your effort to join Him in the Eucharist each weekend.

The completion date for the entire project is early July but such projections are always weather-dependent. After all the construction workers and equipment have disappeared we will begin the re-sealing and re-striping of our own parking lot. This is good maintenance and necessary to fill the cracks that occur over time in all parking areas. Everything should look pretty good by the end of the summer.

You might want to get out of town this Fall. The parish is sponsoring a weeklong Canadian Autumn along the scenic St. Lawrence River with two nights in Quebec city and Montreal each and a final night at Niagara Falls. The dates are September 23-29, 2018. The trip includes lots of sight-seeing and a visit to St. Kateri Tekakwithaís burial shrine in Montreal. The trip is open to all parishioners, their families and friends and members of other parishes. Brochures are being printed and will be available in a week or two. For questions and reservations you can contact the parish office or Pat Ayland at 313-441-3355. It is important that you make a reservation ASAP since this appears to be a very popular tour and probably will fill up fast.

Have a great week and some seasonal Spring weather!!


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